Institute for East China Sea Research Nagasaki University


Research interest

We have investigated how environmental challenges affect animal’s physiology and behavior. Currently, our research focuses on two topics, “Impacts of ocean climate change (warming and acidification) on marine animals” and “Ecophysiology of intertidal fishes (mudskippers and others)”. These two topics superficially look quite different, but a common thread is to understand how animals respond and acclimate to changes in environmental O2 and CO2 conditions. Ocean acidification research is relatively new in science, and there are vast areas of research we need to pursue to understand how marine ecosystem and production will be affected by projected increases in seawater acidity and temperature in coming decades. See “Impacts of ocean climate change (warming and acidification) on marine animals” for more details.
Mudskipper research is something very few scientists are conducting, although understanding life of these spectacular gobies has high importance in terms of conservation of mudflat ecosystems, which offer precious ecological services, but are rapidly disappearing due to development worldwide. See “Ecophysiology of intertidal fishes (mudskippers and others)” for details.


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