Induction of endosymbiosis, Paramecium, Holospora, Chlorella, Biodiversity, Cell evolution, Endonuclear symbiotic bacteria, Endosymbiont, Primary endosymbiosis, Secondary endosymbiosis, 細胞内共生の誘導, ゾウリムシ, ホロスポラ, クロレラ, 生物多様性, 細胞進化, 核内共生細菌, 細胞内共生生物, 一次共生, 二次共生, 藤島政博



  • Prof. Emeritus Dr. Isoji Miwa published a review article on P. bursaria (時間がわかるゾウリムシ、時習館高校創立125周年記念論考集、豊川堂書店) on Aug 15, 2018. 下記のTwitter ( と Facebook ( から頁をダウンロードできます。
  • News from "resereach gate"on Oct 17, 2017. "Congratulations, Masahiro! With 57 new reads, you were the most read author from your department. Achieved week ending Oct 15, 2017".
  • Our grant application for "Development of reliable cryopreservation method for Paramecium genus" was accepted by AMED for 1.5 years from Oct 1, 2017.
  • Paramecium was accepted for 4th National BioResource Project (NBRP) by MEXT for 2017-2021.
  • We found that Paramecium has an ability to keep a pathogenic bacterium Legionella pneumoniae in the cytoplasm. DOI: 10.1038/srep24322 
  • Our article was selected as a highly accessed article of BMC Genomics. PDF
  • International Symposium on Endosymbiosis, Yamaguchi 2013
  • Our review article was nominated as a No. 3 of the Top Hottest 25 Articles published in European Journal of Protistology in 2012 full year.



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